Presenting the 

Spindle prototype demo

Based on the information captured during alpha, a prototype named ‘Spindle’ was created. This video demo shows how the prototype could support teachers to undertake formative assessment in their classrooms — as well as additional functions that have been identified by teachers, school leaders, students and parents as being useful.

The prototype has been named ‘Spindle’ to symbolise the collection of the threads of student learning into a single point. It shows how various elements come together in one place to make things easier for teachers.

This video will walk you through some of the features of the prototype. 'Spindle' is just one idea of what the initiative could look like.

Before we begin

These animations have been created to help you become familiar with the key concepts relating to formative assessment and learning progressions.

Formative assessment

Learning progressions

Explore the prototype in-depth in this interactive tour.

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Requirements: Please use Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Microsoft Edge to view the prototype, on a device larger than 960px in width (tablet landscape).